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What is happening in the Blues was foreseeable

What is happening in the Blues was foreseeable. Aside from the incompetence of Domenech who manages more than anything, the fede has a large share of responsibility. In 2008 when UK was knocked out of the Euro, it should do the housework as well in the team that in instances of french football who shows their jurisdictional boundaries. .

When we see that all the team mutinied we are entitled to ask questions, because you can admit there are some leaders who will undoubtedly sanctioned, but 23 players who block is that the malaise is deeper than the fede really means.

We made a state affair while all this’ll have to settle in the locker room. Of course, if Nico Anelka Domenech insult, it is natural to punish, but what I find weird, cest as fede Anelka did not want to hold a press conference to explain.

I found that this process is worthy of a dictatorship. Perhaps that the Fed and its chairman have something to be ashamed for doing so. The worst of history is perhaps not yet said. Await the return of the Blues in UK: heads will roll in suuement sawdust, but not least.

Probably not but this is only and perhaps not the reason first because other big European teams possess in their workforce quality players very handsomely paid (Messi, Ronaldo and many others) who still do not behave like alton belle casino some zozos our national team.

In reality, after the World Cup 1998, some saw an opportunity to promote a team black-blanc-beur representative we were told the Nation. We were accordingly manufactures idols cardboard pulp which were given as examples of integration with our youthhas been inserted into the mold with a shoe horn players who probably had a certain talent in football but have no apparent desire for integration but by their behavior common among the national team an unhealthy state of mind.

Kreischberg, Austria-Jasey-Jay Anderson won on Wednesday a second test in parallel

Kreischberg, Austria-Jasey-Jay Anderson won on Wednesday a second test in parallel giant slalom on the World Cup snowboarding at Kreischberg, Austria while the British Columbian Alexa Loo got a medal argent..

Athlte Mont-Tremblant, second qualification is income arrire after being beaten in the first two rounds of the Andreas Prommegger Autrichien final. Pulling arrire by 56 cents, he has filled for ecart emporter by 1.15 second. Jai had a good run, but perhaps a bit conservative and jai made small mistakes. Javais also loosened some screws on my board and I nai not have time to repair. Confidence than ever.

Main reason for his success this season. Cest une of the most difficult tracks. There must have been ten key sections for 20 doors. I’m amazed myself. Continue reading