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Toulouse Casino: The casino does not recipe Economics

Toulouse Casino: The casino does not recipe Economics. Depression, smoking ban, identity checks at the entrance and soon competition from online gambling carve cruppers in finance. In 2010, the mayor does not put that over 4.9 million royalty on casino games Barriere. .

Against 6.3 million in 2010 (1). Sign of a healthy slender casino? Let’s not exaggerate: the game room and shows the island is not Ramier “carpets”. But David Parr, the director, does not secretiveness: “The situation is somewhat delicate, it is a real anxiety.

” From its opening, the Casino Barriere has barely keep its objectives. 38M in sales in 2010 against the 53M planned, and a loss of 6 Mr And no better in 2010 with a turnover certainly up 6.2% from 40.425 million or the business plan included 70 Mr. Continue reading