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Switzerland: Lugano and Locarno Casinos: 9 people

Switzerland: Lugano and Locarno Casinos: 9 people jailed for fraud Nine people suspected of fraud and embezzlement have been arrested over last few days at the casinos of Lugano and Locarno. These dealers, inspectors and customers tables have between 200,000 and 250,000 steals francs. The embezzlement lasted for several months, police said Ticino confirming information the website “Ticinonews”. The casinos are laying off their staff involved in the case on the spot. .

An Ecuadorian visiting Portugal has won 550,000 euros in a casino near Lisbon where she had played a total of 60 cents in a slot machine Rosa Maria, who lives in the United States with her husband Portuguese, has inserted three chips of 20 cents each in a penny machine casino Estoril before hitting the jackpot, explained that establishment, which proclaims itself the largest casino in Europe.

“We were obviously very happy with this jackpot “, the husband declared the lucky winner, Manuel Goncalves, the Portuguese newspaper Correio da Manha. “After meeting with my second wife is my second great reward”. Continue reading

ROGER FEDERER: You must first go to the reef Belgium

ROGER FEDERER: You must first go to the reef Belgium this weekend before making any plans on the comet. Relegation in the Czech Republic last year has been hard to the team, who achieved great performance under the leadership of Stan face Poland and Belarus. .

I really proud of what they have done this year. In 2009, the Davis Cup schedule is much better with program that I fixed on the ATP Tour. You’ll then see what will be our opponents and displacements as require matches to come.

At the beginning of my career, winning the Davis Cup was one of my priorities. Until 2004 I also play all games. It remains one of my priorities now, although I also other objectives. Like to reclaim the place of # 1 World and other titles still win the Grand Slam. Continue reading