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Bolt against time

Usain Bolt, sprinter bright, had to face the rain, wind and cool slightly unfavorable Friday night in Paris, which prevented him from improving his world record (9.69) on 100 meters, to sign under these conditions nevertheless a convincing 9 sec 77/100. .

Bolt against time. Usain Bolt is fighting not only against the clock-that is his profession, but also against the weather. From New York, where he established his first world record on the straight line (9.74), May 31, 2008, via Brussels last September, and Lausanne 12 days ago, the sky was often against the league Eclair.

Brothers. Among Iranian brothers Samimi, their first names Abbas (32 years), Mohammad (22) and Mahmoud (not yet 20), we have the disc in the skin. The groin (with a record of 64.98 m in 2004) now leads his little brothers, who took two first places at the Universiade in Belgrade, with a best throw was 65.38 m for Mohammad, and 64.67 m Mahmoud. Continue reading