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Monaco wants to attract Chinese players The Principality

Monaco wants to attract Chinese players The Principality of Monaco, aware of the growing weight of emerging countries in the world game, made a special effort towards China, whose largest players will benefit from “Packages” promotional free up until the complete transportation and stay. .

The Company of sea bathing (SBM), which has a monopoly on gaming in Monaco (which is controlled by the Monegasque State), targets only on “premium” of very large players. “We are not in search of the mass market.

In recent months, the Principality has carried out several operations to identify major players, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Beijing, thanks to a small network of representatives, responsible to penetrate the exclusive clubs (country clubs, golf clubs, cigar clubs.) and “work” specialized magazines. Continue reading

Despite a turnover up 6%, 354, 4 million

Societe des Bains de Mer de Monaco prestigious assets remain low valuation The 2005/2006 financial year, ended March 31, has not been the best experienced by this group, owned almost 70% by State of Monaco. .

Despite a turnover up 6%, 354, 4 million euros, operating profit fell by 19, 7 %, to 17, 5 million. However, this cons-performance was expected, given the depreciation expense related to the opening of the magnificent Hotel Monte Carlo Bay Hotel&Resort, located on the peninsula Larvotto, who has weighed up to 11, 1 million euros over the year.

The one-off gain of 15 million euros related to the sale of 400,000 shares of American society Wynn Resorts, however, allowed the net result of significant progress (+ 27, 6 %) to $ 30 million euros. Bernard Lambert, director general of the Societe des Bains de Mer Monaco (SBM), we confirmed, early July, the good performance of the group’s activities in general. Continue reading

Monaco: A part of the Cafe de Paris would give € 13 500 in gaming

Monaco: A part of the Cafe de Paris would give € 13 500 in gaming chips to prostitutes around gambling tables around the world is what we call a bad hand. At the courthouse in Monaco, is a denial of release pending trial. .

Friday, a “Pit Boss “‘s Cafe de Paris, aged 53, in custody since Aug. 18 for flights of game chips (Nice-Matin, 10 September), had his application for The enlargement refused, his lawyer has assured me Yann Lajoux.

” continued detention is somewhat surprising because there is no risk of leakage since it is Monegasque “, added that the council announced its intention to appeal the decision within a week. But what is more surprising are the circumstances under which that part of a gaming establishment of the League of sea bathing (SBM) had stolen the game chips 500 € in July and August, when he was supposed to monitor. Continue reading