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Rising unemployment will continue in UK and the rest of Europe

A UNEMPLOYMENT. Rising unemployment will continue in UK and the rest of Europe throughout the year 2009 and will continue probably early 2010, Francois Fillon said Friday on Europe 1. For the economy creates jobs, it must be growing at least 1.5 to 2 percent, he said. .

(L’ Express) A TURKEY. Nicolas Sarkozy has postponed his official visit in Sweden, originally scheduled June 2, because of remarks made by the Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt on the issue of accession of Turkey’s European Union.

In an interview with Le Figaro Monday, May 25, the Swedish foreign minister has strongly defended Turkey’s application considering that the a prime strategic interest that Turkey was moving towards her. Continue reading

CONSUMER-Following the case of contaminated meat

CONSUMER-Following the case of contaminated meat. Simple precaution. The cooperative group recalled Socopa new steaks and frozen beef Friday because they had the same origin as the contaminated lots, sold in March in Monoprix and Carrefour supermarkets. Two weeks ago now, contaminated hamburgers sold in several supermarkets in March, had been recalled. Monoprix has received 16,000 calls from consumers and Carrefour 10,000..

So far, according to the analysis, no one fell sick from the bacteria. What products are affected? These are frozen burgers from the Leader Price brand and minced meat, sausages and beef patties sold under the brand fresh ray Valtero, Bif Tonic Although Vu, Carrefour Casino, Number One, Chanfrais, Maitre Boucher.

The lot numbers affected were sent to distributors and are available in stores. Freephone: 0800800933 Dorothy Doublet (with agency). Continue reading