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Casinos Barriere calling for slot machines

Casinos Barriere calling for slot machines. Desseigne Dominique enjoys the Top Resa exhibition, which brings together this week tourism professionals in Deauville, to hear his voice. On Thursday, the boss of the group of hotels and casinos Barriere has questioned the government, and more specifically the Ministry of Interior on the issue of slot machines. .

Reputed to be very lucrative for the casino operator, the machine called “bandits” can not receive updates indeed klamoya casino superior to 2 euros, that Dominique Desseigne deplored, especially in the current economic times, or companies monitor their expenditures and are battered stock market.

However, if Barriere has obtained approval for 20 slots over the last eight years, he was a big success starts in 2002, getting the green light instead of 130 to equip Beauvau slot machines in his establishment of Enghien, north of Paris.

As regards its overall activity, the group renounces its strong growth results. The current year is even more difficult because, as Dominique Desseigne, casino patrons are mostly in stock. They therefore suffer from liquidity problems now.

Simplifying legal group is underway. In early June, the Barriere Group has begun work on simplifying its legal structure. The hotel operator of the Channel Lucien Barriere (SHCLB), owned by the family Desseigne Barriere, has filed a draft tender offer double exchange (OPE) of two sister companies listed on the First Market of Euronext Paris: Societe des Hotels and Casino de Deauville (SHCD), owned 53.7 % by the family and 34.9% by Accor and the Company Fermiere du Casino Municipal de Cannes (SFCMC) is 65.2% controlled by the family and 15.54 % by Groupe Partouche.

The shareholders are offered 12 shares for 1 SHCLB SFCMC, and 7 for 1 SHCLB SHCD, respectively 25 % and 29.6 % premium, according to calculations by the Societe Generale, the bank officer. In parallel, the SHCLB, soon to be renamed Groupe Lucien Barriere SA, seeking admission to the second step.

Who’s coming? Almost as many women as men

Who’s coming? Almost as many women as men. There are 51.5 % of men, says Jean-Pierre Martignoni. The advent of slot machines-the basics of business today-has pushed the profession to its cultural revolution in the 1980s. .

With them, the casinos are feminized and democratized. But not rejuvenated. According to Jean-Pierre Martignoni, 29 % of clients over 60 years, 39 % between 40 and 60. This is obviously greed attracts (70 % of customers).

20 % will be hoping that their lives will change. But, overall, they rely mostly small amounts: 50 euros on average. In 70 % of their monthly income is less than 3000 euros gross. On weekends, the public is younger than a week. Continue reading