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Bjr, but I also hope you take pleasure in eating ham

Bjr, but I also hope you take pleasure in eating ham. It is always distressing and tiring to read about as meskin as yours. It is thanks to people like you that the mindset has difficulty moving. The big industrialists who make money on Halal, is french. And they imagine they have a completely different speech than yours. But hey give more money is not it lovely..

Who can help me? The idea is to create an institute which has three caps. 1-Write and teach the certification of Halal meat 2-Certify slaughterhouses / meat and personnel at the chain end. 3-Assigning the label certified Halal meat butcheries and supermarkets. Thank you Da Foughali The idiot who walks goes further than the sage seated, but when the wise man will rise, he will go in the right direction.

It’s rare to find a halal meat shop (in the literal sense of the word) to the west. Are there conflicts between the regulations of meat for alimntation, the animal must undergo a mechanical blow on the head, or he will be exposed to CO2 gas or he receives a blow to electroshock him lose consciousness before bled. Continue reading

Casino Ribeauville: The wait for a solution

Casino Ribeauville: The wait for a solution. The Ministry of the Interior expects that the laws on gambling is amended to authorize the opening of the casino Ribeauville. The casino should be opened before the summer. .

Allow Opening of Casino Ribeauville, in the present state of legislation, would take the matter directly before the Administrative Tribunal. The legal structure does not in fact what the law has advocated on the siting of gaming establishments, and competitors are on the lookout for the slightest misstep.

In summary, the city of Ribeauville, ranked resort, meets the requirements to host a casino. But it has transferred competence to the tourism community of Commons. So this last structure that initiates the process of delegating public service for the construction and operation of the casino. Continue reading