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A casino instead of camping Algae-Larmor-Plage This is evident from the study

A casino instead of camping Algae-Larmor-Plage This is evident from the study on tourism development, realized there is little in common. Yesterday, during a special council, its results were presented and the new Local Plan (PLU) was arrested. .

Obtaining label seaside resort late February 2010, required specifications at the county, both from a tourism perspective qu’urbanistique. He also urged the Plu be reviewed, to launch the construction of thalassotherapy, a Kerguelen.

” in Precipitation ” But the project to build a casino that was in focus. Larmor was approach by investors. The site chosen is that the municipal camping Algae. With three stars, it offers 145 sites and is ideally located, just steps from the town and in the extension of the promenade of Port Maria. Continue reading

The UMP Senator Francois Trucy, author

The UMP Senator Francois Trucy, author of two parliamentary reports on gaming and gambling, said Friday that the AFP had not BetClick and Lyon not get into the illegality, with appearance of the name of that company from paris online bikini Lyon. .

BetClick and OL should not get into the illegality regardless of delays to the implementation of legislative and regulatory on the opening of the market of online games planned on 1 January 2010, explained the senateur.L Olympique Lyonnais chosen as a partner in a partnership paris online BetClick, whose name was already visible on the uniforms in the Peace Cup tournament, pre-season fight in Spain in late July and then in a friendly match against FC Andalusia Seville.Mais law on opening paris online competition that will be applied 1 January 2010 at the earliest in UK, because the legislative and regulatory framework french is not yet operational.

Autre hand, a new stage has emerged in Romania in Bucharest Regent Casino. We’re pleased etre in partnership with the WPT and launch this special event together for the first time in Romania. We already knew that the WPT created ever new in prestigious tournaments. Continue reading

Blonville: The City Council has requested operate games

Blonville: The City Council has requested operate games The meeting in September the City Council was held Friday night at the town hall. It main purpose was to solicit from the prefecture’s authorization to run the ball game, matching games and 60 slot machines in the future casino Emerald Group must build in the town. .

” A public inquiry was held from June 2 to 9, said Jean-Pierre Millet, a majority of favorable and four unfavorable on the opportunity to build this building near the marsh, so that place is protected.

“Defendant’s record, the mayor has shown that the balance of the marsh is under no threat by the construction which must be built on a football field downgraded, located on the outskirts of the site and near an area Recreation includes tennis, miniature golf and equestrian center. Continue reading

8 / CNW Telbec /-DEQ Systems Corp

LEVIS, Sept. 8 / CNW Telbec /-DEQ Systems Corp. (TSX-V: DEQ) announced today that obtained an important patent that completes its patent portfolio. A tournament. The new technology that allows the patent DEQ integre including the four main families of gaming tables in operation in casinos around the world, or blackjack, poker, baccarat and roulette. .

Unlike the other auxiliary systems installed on these tables, for where it is necessary to be physically present at the table to participate This new system allows to build a distance, whether a room, restaurant, hotel bar or even the Internet.

Patent portfolio in this new technology such as “Last Auxiliary multiple” and “Mystery Bonus”. The electronic system provides an opportunity for people who prefer not to play has a game table in a casino, to participate and run the win progressive jackpots and / or prizes in random betting on their favorite players or those who seem most promising. Continue reading

Official name and address of the procuring agency: Municipality of Thonon-Les-Bains

Official name and address of the procuring agency: Municipality of Thonon-Les-Bains. Contracting Officer: Mr. Denais (John), Hotel de Ville, BP 517, 74203 Thonon-les-Bains Cedex. Purpose of operation: financial and legal assistance for the conduct of proceedings of delegation of public service and the development of a contract and building and operating a casino on the Commune of Thonon-Les-Bains. .

Main features Edge Farm: conduct of the proceedings of delegation of public service. Conditional Tranche 1: assistance in negotiation and the development of the contract. Conditional Tranche 2: Assistance to control authorization files games, helps to control the validity of legal, economic and financial projects.

Provisional date of commencement of benefits (goods / services): May 2, 2006. Conditions of Participation Criteria for selecting candidates: References-competent legal rights (including public and private real estate) and financial-financial capabilities. Continue reading

Sh * always ring twice: While

Sh * always ring twice: While their wives are going out with girls, three friends see their evening who wanted very Tequila-Poker start a spin! The jealousy of one, challenged the second, a third of the gaffe: A few shots later son, s it, nothing goes! A startling and unexpected revelation, a neighbor Caribbean bulky, not to mention the involvement of triads and Japanese. .

A bathtub! That they will live on fucking evening with friends! Written by Stephen Martino / Directed by Florent Aumaitre / Jean-Marie Damel Joseph Gallet, Jean-Marc Keller, Slimane Kaiciou, Akim Zeboudj, Yani Lotta.

Rates: TP 20 € / community and students € 15 (except Saturday) / Monday single rate € 15 / Rates Full eves and holidays. Monday to Friday at 20:15. Saturday at 18h30 and 20h to 19h15 and Sunday. Continue reading

It’s a really strong history between the two

It’s a really strong history between the two. It is a dream. It is a sport that deserves to be known. This is the first university sport in the United States with basketball, athletics and swimming. This is one of the greatest sports in the former USSR, Asia. .

It is a universal sport, there are more than 180 nations affiliated with the AFI. It is a great sport. We had an Olympic champion. Today we have two kids that generate something. And there are others.

After having lived a disaster in Atlanta, was trying to protect them. It has lived with this team of UK at the Olympic village, which is something dear to my heart. Specific rating, it was in a school of the Embassy of UK, or we could train apart. Continue reading

Billiton has decided against making a bad situation

Billiton has decided against making a bad situation. Faced with the Canadian government’s refusal to validate the state’s offer of $ 39 billion s ur potash producer, Potash, mining giant Anglo-Australian throws in the towel.? Instead, he agrees to buy back $ 4.2 billion of securities to boost returns to shareholders. .

BHP stimulus and a share buyback program by 13 billion that had been interrupted in 2007 by launching a takeover bid for rival Rio Tinto. Supported by this volte-face, BHP has gained 0.59% 2376.50 pence in a bear market.

Carrefour (+0.52 % to 37.795 euros) and Casino (+0.39 % to 66.85 euros) are both oriented so that the first has sold its assets to the second in Thailand. This operation is considered positive for both distributors by analysts. Carrefour has obtained a high price for Carrefour Thailand, but it is an important strategic operation for Casino, which became co-leader of this market with Britain’s Tesco, and may further generate significant synergies. Continue reading

Who’s coming? Almost as many women as men

Who’s coming? Almost as many women as men. There are 51.5 % of men, says Jean-Pierre Martignoni. The advent of slot machines-the basics of business today-has pushed the profession to its cultural revolution in the 1980s. .

With them, the casinos are feminized and democratized. But not rejuvenated. According to Jean-Pierre Martignoni, 29 % of clients over 60 years, 39 % between 40 and 60. This is obviously greed attracts (70 % of customers).

20 % will be hoping that their lives will change. But, overall, they rely mostly small amounts: 50 euros on average. In 70 % of their monthly income is less than 3000 euros gross. On weekends, the public is younger than a week. Continue reading

Title Banco Santander fell back from 3.08 % to 7.579

Title Banco Santander fell back from 3.08 % to 7.579 euros in midday penalized as the whole banking sector by fears surrounding DOSS Dr. Irish. The index DJStoxx European grouping sector values folds of her score of 3 % in the same time. Investors are worried about banks’ exposure to the most vulnerable countries of the euro area, which are threats of a possible contagion of the debt crisis..

Up by 0.83% to 70.28 euros, Casino sign on its side one of the few increases in the SBF 120. Investors welcomed the withdrawal of Venezuela negotiated well, a month after the nationalization of Exito stores, which he was the majority shareholder.

The company was accused by President Hugo Chavez to have increased its price for speculative after the devaluation of the Jan. 8 national currency, the bolivar. Casino pockets of $ 622.5 million for the sale of 67.1 % of its local subsidiary Cativen the socialist government. Continue reading