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Bjr, but I also hope you take pleasure in eating ham

Bjr, but I also hope you take pleasure in eating ham. It is always distressing and tiring to read about as meskin as yours. It is thanks to people like you that the mindset has difficulty moving. The big industrialists who make money on Halal, is french. And they imagine they have a completely different speech than yours. But hey give more money is not it lovely..

Who can help me? The idea is to create an institute which has three caps. 1-Write and teach the certification of Halal meat 2-Certify slaughterhouses / meat and personnel at the chain end. 3-Assigning the label certified Halal meat butcheries and supermarkets. Thank you Da Foughali The idiot who walks goes further than the sage seated, but when the wise man will rise, he will go in the right direction.

It’s rare to find a halal meat shop (in the literal sense of the word) to the west. Are there conflicts between the regulations of meat for alimntation, the animal must undergo a mechanical blow on the head, or he will be exposed to CO2 gas or he receives a blow to electroshock him lose consciousness before bled. Continue reading

The top: There’s just one month, and while Real had just returned

The top: There’s just one month, and while Real had just returned from a pietre Levante 0-0 and countless missed opportunities, the Spanish media present were heard to lament behind Cristiano Ronaldo billboards in these inelegant terms: anxiety, anxiety of p. .

Portuguese was referring to the impatience that seemed to mark every ball deviate from their objective. In just 15 days, the star has returned to CR7 and has scored his ninth goal in four matches, including a poker face Santander and a goal in the Champions League against Milan.

Suffice to say that the anxiety has remained lost a Levante. Passes Ozil and Di Maria millimeters and often after work markdown exceptional finally find their reward. Face Santander, while Higuain scored the first goal, CR7 scored the next four, three to the resumption of a cross from the right, one of Higuain, the other Ozil, and the last Di Maria, as if they all decided to serve the Portuguese. Continue reading

Rising unemployment will continue in UK and the rest of Europe

A UNEMPLOYMENT. Rising unemployment will continue in UK and the rest of Europe throughout the year 2009 and will continue probably early 2010, Francois Fillon said Friday on Europe 1. For the economy creates jobs, it must be growing at least 1.5 to 2 percent, he said. .

(L’ Express) A TURKEY. Nicolas Sarkozy has postponed his official visit in Sweden, originally scheduled June 2, because of remarks made by the Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt on the issue of accession of Turkey’s European Union.

In an interview with Le Figaro Monday, May 25, the Swedish foreign minister has strongly defended Turkey’s application considering that the a prime strategic interest that Turkey was moving towards her. Continue reading

The technical analysis of the CAC 40 From the perspective

The technical analysis of the CAC 40 From the perspective of the analysis graph, the office DayByDay studies is the formation of a small white body of 36 points closing the session above the major resistance materializing the foregoing has registered the highest annual poi nts 3856. .

This Japanese candlestick marks the continuation of the new upward phase started on 5 October from the media located at 3621 points, this rally now exceeds 6 %, while the configuration does not show a sign of this stage of exhaustion.

For the next hour, the office of studies DayByDay positive bias remains above 3856 points. The courses are now moving towards 3927 points. The values a follow CASINO In Q3 2009, Casino recorded a consolidated turnover decreased by-1.4 % against a decline of 2.6 % in the first half. Continue reading

Such an imbalance of accounts, would precipitate any countries

Such an imbalance of accounts, would precipitate any countries in bankruptcy unless the United States. It enabled him to produce weapons and lethal across a funny money selling to the entire planet. This scheme enabled him to vampirize over three quarters of world savings that flowed to that country. .

Although defeated in Vietnam, this lobby would normally known disgrace. Instead he did not let go hold on the state. He will push to launch its space weapons program entitled Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), quickly renamed Star Wars.

This project was to develop a missile defense interceptor through various vectors, including lasers fired from space by spacecraft militarized. But many experts thus described the project wacky and unrealistic. Continue reading

A new study focused on the brain demonstrates

A new study focused on the brain demonstrates that erotic pleasure and taste of the money stimulate different areas of the brain..

The human brain is composed of specific areas for each reward or pleasure in life, like sex or money. This is what a new study prepared by a team of CNRS researchers who published in The Journal of Neuroscience yesterday.

The orbitofrontal cortex, a region located in the anterior part of the brain, would consist of separate zones satisfying pleasures secondary or primary. This team of researchers from the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience in Lyon, directed by Jean-Claude Dreher, proposed to 18 human volunteers, all male, mean age 23 years, to preach ter was a game of how to win money or seeing erotic images. That while recording their brain activity with a scanner magnetic resonance imaging. Continue reading

Ten football players doped NFL-No

Ten football players doped NFL-No question of steroids or miracle products to inflate the biceps. Player of the Saints in New Orleans would be affected. They should get away with a four-game suspension for a first infraction of the NFL, which differs from that of the World Anti-Doping Agency. Elsewhere, the rate was two years \\..

A record of the World Short Course Swimming -Past exploits of Phelps and Olympic club changes Laure Manaudou, swimming is a sport rapidly confidential. A world record, even a small pond, still deserves a little spotlight. Saturday in Sydney, Australia’s Matt Jaukovic has seized one of the 50m butterfly 22’50. The previous reference was from 2005. Jean-Michel Aulas appreciated.

Ronaldo at PSG, this advance FOOTBALL-We know the attacker’s belly is burgeoning romantic Paris. By signing for PSG, it might even show he’s still playing football. But before you combine the pleasures will have to wait a little longer. Brazil. It discusses, discussing it, but nothing very concrete. For a player who physically impaired and star salary, better take your time. An overdose of sleeping pills for a NBA star \\. Continue reading

Monaco wants to attract Chinese players The Principality

Monaco wants to attract Chinese players The Principality of Monaco, aware of the growing weight of emerging countries in the world game, made a special effort towards China, whose largest players will benefit from “Packages” promotional free up until the complete transportation and stay. .

The Company of sea bathing (SBM), which has a monopoly on gaming in Monaco (which is controlled by the Monegasque State), targets only on “premium” of very large players. “We are not in search of the mass market.

In recent months, the Principality has carried out several operations to identify major players, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Beijing, thanks to a small network of representatives, responsible to penetrate the exclusive clubs (country clubs, golf clubs, cigar clubs.) and “work” specialized magazines. Continue reading

The park fifty slot machines will be gradually

The park fifty slot machines will be gradually renewed by the end of this month, with armed bandits has virtual images to replace the traditional rolls. Also need more money on these machines that now accept tickets. .

Leveraging its routes, the casino Hautevillois now seems poised to succeed the real gamble that has to do is live a gambling establishment in a mountain resort. And participates actively in the diversification of activities of a station and tea which are becoming increasingly difficult to curb the evil that was tough installs in its hospitals.

All-out Communication With 200 000 on communication, the casino does not keep both feet in the same shoe. He does not hesitate to get involved in many sporting and cultural events to develop its reputation. Continue reading

18 (Reuters)-Canadian singer Celine Dion is pregnant

OTTAWA/LOS ANGELES, Aug. 18 (Reuters)-Canadian singer Celine Dion is pregnant with her second child after having attended a fertility treatment at a clinic in New York, his spokeswoman announced Tuesday. .

Dion, 41, should give birth to her second child next May. Already mother of a little Rene-Charles age of eight, Celine Dion has never hidden it hoped to have another child with husband Rene Angelil. It is currently too early to know whether the baby she is carrying is a boy or a girl, said his spokesman, specifying that Dion has followed, as in her first pregnancy, a fertility treatment.

Celine Dion is one of the most popular singers in the world and his world tour last year would have reported more than 235 million. Between 2003 and December 2007, she performs regularly at the hotel-casino at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas and his performances have reported more than 385 million. Continue reading