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Swiss Casinos filed its application

Swiss Casinos filed its application for the grant Zurich Group Swiss Casino has filed his candidacy Monday for a concession in the city of Zurich with the Commission Federal Gaming Board (CFMJ). The casino project foresees an investment of 80 million francs and the creation of over 200 jobs. .

Swiss Casino expects to turn a building located just steps from the Bahnhofstrasse, the group said in a statement. Beside the tables and gambling machines, the complex will house a shopping and entertainment, and restaurants.

Four other projects were also developed. The period for filing runs until December 31. These are projects of companies Zurich Grand Casino, Grand Casino Baden Zurich City Casino and Casino Zurich. Holds the Swiss Casinos Casino Pfäffikon (SZ) and interests in four of the 19 casinos in Switzerland. Continue reading

TOULOUSE-Montaudran host does a playroom? Casino: The project

TOULOUSE-Montaudran host does a playroom? Casino: The project is stimulus.

This is an old sea snakes regularly announced, and then just as quickly denied the creation of a casino in Toulouse is consistently delivered on the carpet.

It should be said that the city has an advantage. It falls within the legal framework set by a 1988 amendment christens “Chaban-Delmas “, named after the mayor of Bordeaux, which had relaxed the regulations. Continue reading

October 26, 2007, in Australia to participate

October 26, 2007, in Australia to participate in the PokerNews Cup, Tony G says PokerNews reporter John Caldwell. The latter asked the Lithuanian star the thrill of the game in high yield. And yet, ‘ high’ is an understatement. .

A major part of the conversation is therefore focused on the performance of Tony G in Moscow, Gambling Australia online Russia, where he picked up such a pot of over $ 3M. The game takes place in Pot Limit Omaha $ 5,000 / $ 10,000, with a buy at least $ 500,000.

Tony was also accompanied by two of his Japanese friends that he invited him to this party. Everything I do is sleep and play poker. Lucky he was able to test in a two-Sit’n go to $ 50,000 he had organized on the occasion of the PokerNews Cup.

Spa&Casino has Cilaos? Cilaos will she one day the 108th

Spa&Casino has Cilaos? Cilaos will she one day the 108th French spa? That is certainly the wish of his council will, even today, launching the procedure for classification of common resort hydromineral. .

A procedure which, if successful, could lead the municipality to open a casino on its territory. A beautiful perspective jackpot Everybody admits readily: if the common Cilaos came to develop, it is referred to as Paulin thanks to Tech in the year 1815, had the good fortune to enjoy fabulous water sources.

However, nobody seems to know why the town has long been satisfied with a strange status: the ghost resort. Has left the illusion, since in the past, the press has repeatedly announced that Cilaos would unhook the cake. Continue reading

Multimedia Video: Millionaires, they have not changed their

Multimedia Video: Millionaires, they have not changed their daily family A Angevin Tuesday has pocketed a check for 42,218,533 euros at the headquarters of the Francaise des Jeux (FDJ) in Boulogne-Billancourt, in the Hauts-de-Seine. .

This is the eighth largest gains in Euro Millions in UK. Bulletin that the family had valid Lude, Sarthe, was the only one with the seven winning numbers for the draw on 16 July. The amount that won the couple close to retirement age, is the equivalent of 1468 kilograms of gold or 35 centuries of SMIC.

But the winners do not have delusions of grandeur. These people single who keep a cool head and want to remain anonymous. For now, their goal is to acquire a new home, a new car and to make pleasures, without falling in luxury. Continue reading

Two choreography to the stage from Lavelanet tomorrow

Two choreography to the stage from Lavelanet tomorrow evening to discover a world in which otherness is instructive. Blue Moon. Two dancers, a professional and a mental deficient. A poignant and poetic work, which demonstrates that the body and movement are fine, too, in the imperfection..

Tomorrow, 20:45, at the Casino Lavelanet. Information&reservations: Lavelanet Entertainment, Casino, 2 rue Rene Cassin-Lavelanet. Tel: 05 61 01 81 41 Ramonville. The street theater invites himself into the city street festival spans Ramonville until October 14 this year and this twenty-one appointment in ten municipalities of the Grand.

I was curious to see and, surprise, all sites are automatically redirected and functional EXCEPT Absolute Poker or must manually change the. Com for a. Net yet. It will take advantage of managed to stop this empire! ;) So, those who were worried about losing their money will apparently continue to play or get their money (something I would do if I were them). Continue reading

Thank you for not updating this page, the conference

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment All outputs in May 2011 White Knight Chronicles 2 LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Red Johnson’s Chronicles May 13, 2011 Brink May 20, 2011 LA Noire May 24, 2011 DIRT 3 May 27 2011 FEAR 3 view all dates As every year, UltimatePS3 offers readers this evening from 20h, the live broadcast of the conference Sony E3 2009! A video will be available below to help you track everything that happens in Los Angeles, and all information unveiled by Sony will be translated in french in the same article! So, below you will find the summary minute by minute in real time, what is said in the conference from Sony. .

Thank you for not updating this page, the conference will update here transcribed for itself. 20: 00- Beginning of the Sony conference. 20: 02- Once again Sony is the last of the builders had to go through the box Conference.

The concurence, particularly with Microsoft, is severe. We concoct Sony this year? 20: 13- 2009 will be our best year, better than our record year of 2008. 20: 14- Playstation game sales accounted for 30 % total sales of video games. Continue reading

Lille: “cup of tea “a 15 ME In 2010

Lille: “cup of tea “a 15 ME In 2010, the casino should open its doors Lille. The establishment of Barriere Group will be the second largest in UK and should report to the city about 15 ME per year. But the project is not without cause turbulence It took no less than five years since graduating from Lille in the resort classification, to be adopted for the casino project. .

September 20 Finally, the Group Barriere prevailed before Moliflor Partouche and Recreation. The establishment of Lille will include a four star hotel of 148 rooms, a casino on two floors, an auditorium of 1,200 seats and three restaurants, near Euralille.

More than 400 jobs will be created. But the price to pay for its place under the sun leaves Lille dreamers much as dubious competitors Barriere. The group has signed for a fee communal unprecedented, according to our sources: 15 % of gross gaming revenue (GGR), 1.5 ME of State fee, 10 % of annual turnover and the icing on the one-armed bandit, 1 ME / year as a contribution to tourism development and culture. Continue reading

Toronto: To strike at the Casino?

Toronto: To strike at the Casino? The 800 dealers at the Casino de Montreal, affiliated to the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), voted Thursday night to 99.5 % in fiscal pressure tactics “up General Strike”, without further specifying its content. .

These pressure tactics are applied at the time deemed appropriate by the negotiating committee, but the voice of union members were assured that the clientele would not be touched. The latter denounced the coup of the same “provocative strategy” of casino management on the issue of working hours for dealers, the main point of contention in the negotiation of a new collective agreement for dealers, the latter being expired on December 31 last.

Puy de Dome. The robber’s casino in St. Nectaire Assize Court On the night of 20 to 21 September 2004, the Casino of Saint-Nectaire, Vincent Bernaud began a series of crazy heists. Handgun, he fled with 7400. Continue reading

The police in Hayward and Dublin

The police in Hayward and Dublin currently conducting research in the ownership of Garrido and next door, Antioch, 70 miles east of San Francisco, said in a press release Jimmy Lee, spokesman for the sheriff of Contra Costa. .

Hayward and Dublin in around one hundred kilometers south of Antioch. The police said they were seeking a possible link between Phillip Garrido and disappearances of Michaela Garecht, abducted in 1988 in a grocery store to Hayward at the age of 9 years, and Ilene Misheloff, kidnapped in 1989 while Dublin she was 13.

Lt. Christine Orrey explained that police had observed many Hayward similarities between the kidnapping of Jaycee Dugard, and Michaela Garecht, the foremost physical appearance and age victims, the method of abduction, in broad daylight and in public places, and a similar description of the vehicle uses. Continue reading