Multimedia Video: Millionaires, they have not changed their

Multimedia Video: Millionaires, they have not changed their daily family A Angevin Tuesday has pocketed a check for 42,218,533 euros at the headquarters of the Francaise des Jeux (FDJ) in Boulogne-Billancourt, in the Hauts-de-Seine. .

This is the eighth largest gains in Euro Millions in UK. Bulletin that the family had valid Lude, Sarthe, was the only one with the seven winning numbers for the draw on 16 July. The amount that won the couple close to retirement age, is the equivalent of 1468 kilograms of gold or 35 centuries of SMIC.

But the winners do not have delusions of grandeur. These people single who keep a cool head and want to remain anonymous. For now, their goal is to acquire a new home, a new car and to make pleasures, without falling in luxury. Continue reading

Two choreography to the stage from Lavelanet tomorrow

Two choreography to the stage from Lavelanet tomorrow evening to discover a world in which otherness is instructive. Blue Moon. Two dancers, a professional and a mental deficient. A poignant and poetic work, which demonstrates that the body and movement are fine, too, in the imperfection..

Tomorrow, 20:45, at the Casino Lavelanet. Information&reservations: Lavelanet Entertainment, Casino, 2 rue Rene Cassin-Lavelanet. Tel: 05 61 01 81 41 Ramonville. The street theater invites himself into the city street festival spans Ramonville until October 14 this year and this twenty-one appointment in ten municipalities of the Grand.

I was curious to see and, surprise, all sites are automatically redirected and functional EXCEPT Absolute Poker or must manually change the. Com for a. Net yet. It will take advantage of managed to stop this empire! ;) So, those who were worried about losing their money will apparently continue to play or get their money (something I would do if I were them). Continue reading

Such an imbalance of accounts, would precipitate any countries

Such an imbalance of accounts, would precipitate any countries in bankruptcy unless the United States. It enabled him to produce weapons and lethal across a funny money selling to the entire planet. This scheme enabled him to vampirize over three quarters of world savings that flowed to that country. .

Although defeated in Vietnam, this lobby would normally known disgrace. Instead he did not let go hold on the state. He will push to launch its space weapons program entitled Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), quickly renamed Star Wars.

This project was to develop a missile defense interceptor through various vectors, including lasers fired from space by spacecraft militarized. But many experts thus described the project wacky and unrealistic. Continue reading

Switzerland: Lugano and Locarno Casinos: 9 people

Switzerland: Lugano and Locarno Casinos: 9 people jailed for fraud Nine people suspected of fraud and embezzlement have been arrested over last few days at the casinos of Lugano and Locarno. These dealers, inspectors and customers tables have between 200,000 and 250,000 steals francs. The embezzlement lasted for several months, police said Ticino confirming information the website “Ticinonews”. The casinos are laying off their staff involved in the case on the spot. .

An Ecuadorian visiting Portugal has won 550,000 euros in a casino near Lisbon where she had played a total of 60 cents in a slot machine Rosa Maria, who lives in the United States with her husband Portuguese, has inserted three chips of 20 cents each in a penny machine casino Estoril before hitting the jackpot, explained that establishment, which proclaims itself the largest casino in Europe.

“We were obviously very happy with this jackpot “, the husband declared the lucky winner, Manuel Goncalves, the Portuguese newspaper Correio da Manha. “After meeting with my second wife is my second great reward”. Continue reading

Euros portbet announced Wednesday in a statement it had records

Euros portbet announced Wednesday in a statement it had records of 100,000 accounts opened in three months on its game site online (paris paris sports and horse). French society SPS Betting (euros and euros has three approvals (paris sports paris horse, poker) to carry out its activities in UK. .

Since June 8, the date of opening the market of online games, 40 licenses (21 for poker, paris 12 for sports and seven for horse paris) were awarded to 30 operators. Three operators have the three accreditations: BetClick, PMU and SPS Betting UK.

Read also on 1 2 3 3:10 p.m. Hockey. Kevin L seriously injured in a car 2:26 p.m. Valais Jura. Manifestation of fishermen has Goumois to save the Doubs 11:15 Habemus Papam. Nanni Moretti humorously revisits the election of Pope Terrorism 11:04. Continue reading

Lyon already digging the gap on his pursuers, who stimulus

Lyon already digging the gap on his pursuers, who stimulus Bordeaux Grenoble has flair thanks to Laurent Blanc and Sochaux sinking, these are the highlights of the 6th day of L1. The match of the day: Marseille-Monaco 0-0Il there had never been 0-0 in the history of Ligue 1 between Marseille and Monaco. .

This has been done since Sunday night. Yet it is not lack the opportunities that have a very open meeting or OM has shown its limits. Eric Gerets was beautiful multiplying schemes play during a match, nothing was done.

Attackers Olympians are first graves on a glittering Stephane Ruffier. Before, fatigue obliges, only five days after receipt of Liverpool in the Champions League, to be totally ineffective. As against the Reds or a Bordeaux. Continue reading

The Director of Communications and Marketing

The Director of Communications and Marketing from the casino, Catherine Schellenberg said that customers who feel watched or threatened after making significant gains may ask the institution until a ride home. .

In this week’s incident Wednesday night until Thursday, a man was beaten by three men, who seized the token $ 500 he had just won a game table The suspects had placed the victim in confidence playing then talking to the same table, and then by offering to accompany him in a restaurant located nearby on the Boulevard Saint-Joseph.

This is after parking the car behind the restaurant that the group has struck to seize precious token. The three men were arrested after they fled the scene and they visited the new casino to cash out of cash in exchange for the piece. Continue reading

To The House of Dancing

To The House of Dancing Water, Francio Dragone was surrounded by a team of designers with nearly half are Quebecois. Franco Dragone says including lighting designer Luc Lafortune was, who is working on including Mystere, Alegria and O, three productions of Cirque du Soleil..

The music of the show as it has been composed by Benoit Jutras, who also worked on several productions by Franco Dragone, including O, Mystere, Quidam, La Nouba and Le Reve, while the soundscape of the show is Francois Bergeron, another colleague of the first hour of Cirque du Soleil.

Finally, the installation was designed by a Michael Crete, also known for his work with Cirque du Soleil but also on the show A New Day Celine Dion. Continue reading

Even if it is not gambling, the stakes are important

Even if it is not gambling, the stakes are important. Players plebiscitent games online massive multiplayer games, french for a march of 244 million euros per year, according to a new study quoted by Le Nouvel Observateur on its website..

UK has no fewer than 8.5 million gamers in massively multiplayer online (MMO), reports a study

In total, online games massively multiplayer reported each year in UK, some 244 million euros. The study also proposes Newzoo of the details for different countries. The United States prance at the head of the largest number of MMO players (47.5 million), followed by Germany (10.6 million MMO players) and the United Kingdom (8.7 million MMO players). Continue reading

Friday night, starting the Winter Olympics in Vancouver 2010

Friday night, starting the Winter Olympics in Vancouver 2010. 2 years after Beijing, the Olympics are back on the American continent, for 2 weeks of winter sports. Before the main event of alpine skiing, with a good chance of medals for the french, the tests began Saturday morning after a magnificent opening ceremony in an indoor stadium..

For those who have not seen the pictures of the opening ceremony, Menly offers a remedial session.

The sublime Natalie Portman, currently in promotion for the film Black Swan (the trailer and photos here), will lead a loaded 2011. In addition to Black Swan to the side of Vincent Cassel, the young woman is a poster of Thor and Your Highness and the movie will turn to the side of Gravity Robert Downey Jr. Led by Alfonso Cuaron. Continue reading